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Some News Articles On FedExaminer

EEOC Sues FedEx for Same-Sex Harassment
Contributed by wlbitty on Sunday, October 17 @ 03:03:02 EDT

CHICAGO, Sep 30, 2004 (United Press International via COMTEX) --
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing Federal Express Corp. for alleged sexual harassment of male couriers at a facility in Illinois. More...

The class-action suit charges FedEx, the world's largest express delivery company, permitted sexual harassment of male employees by another male employee and retaliated against a courier who repeatedly complained to management by cutting his hours.
The alleged harassment occurred at a FedEx facility in Kankakee, Ill., that employed about 30 workers.

EEOC officials said the alleged verbal and physical harassment continued for at least three years before the harasser was fired for assaulting an employee.

"One of the striking things revealed by our investigation was that one of the harassment victims complained not just once, but repeatedly, and FedEx's response was negative," said John Rowe, director of the EEOC's Chicago district office.
Copyright 2004 by United Press International.
© 2004 Stockgroup Media Inc.

$1.6M Cargo Claim Judgement
Posted on Thursday, September 02 @ 16:16:56 EDT 

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 17 March 2003 -- A landmark $1.6 million jury judgment was entered today against Federal Express Corporation for denying a cargo claim in bad faith. The jury awarded Power Standards Lab, a tiny manufacturer of electronic equipment in Emeryville, California, compensatory and punitive damages against FedEx, the world's largest cargo carrier.

In December 2000, Alex McEachern, founder of Power Standards Laboratory, used FedEx to overnight his one-of-a-kind power sensor equipment to a customer in San Diego. He bought $20,000 worth of declared value coverage to protect the product he had worked over two years to produce. The equipment arrived in San Diego severely damaged. McEachern documented the damage and filed a claim with FedEx for $17,450, which FedEx immediately denied.

McEachern attempted for months to get FedEx to pay the claim, and says that a FedEx claims representative told him that he would have to sue. McEachern did just that.

"I suppose FedEx thought nobody would risk the money that's required to sue for just $17,500," said McEachern, who had never filed a lawsuit before. As it turned out, the jury awarded McEachern almost $80,000 in legal fees as part of its verdict, and added $1.5 million in punitive damages.

At trial, a FedEx Claims Manager testified that it was FedEx's Claims Department policy never to respond in writing to written inquiries from customers. And the FedEx Claims Representative assigned to the claim testified that in 20 years in the Claims Department, she had never seen FedEx overturn a denial of a claim in a customer's favor.

Michael Mazzocone, the San Francisco attorney who represented Power Standards Lab, confirmed that in addition to the jury awarding his client approximately $80,000 in attorney's fees, it also awarded $1.5 million in punitive damages, finding that FedEx's acted in bad faith and with fraud or oppression in denying the claim.

The landmark verdict is believed to be the first of its kind in California against a cargo company for acting in bad faith in the handling of a cargo claim of a customer, and may open the door to similar consumer lawsuits.

"The jury verdict should send a clear message to FedEx and other cargo carriers that bad faith denial of claims is not tolerated in California," Mazzocone said.

"I hope that FedEx gets the message," said McEachern, an internationally-recognized expert on power quality and U.S. representative to the International Electrotechnical Commission on power quality measurement. "FedEx does a great job delivering packages, but their Claims Department has room for improvement. Once they get their act together, we hope to start shipping with FedEx again."

Power Standards Lab plans to use the jury award to pay legal fees, and to hire more technicians and engineers.

This legal blow is likely to be felt particularly hard by FedEx, as the company is still smarting from a $2.3 million verdict against them awarded February 24, 2003, in a civil rights suit filed by a former FedEx employee.

(The Power Standards Lab vs. FedEx case was heard in Alameda County Superior Court, Oakland, California by Judge P. Zika, case #841938-1.)
Source: Press Release Michael Mazzocone, Esq. 415-399-0800

No FedEx Ground Price Hike in 2004
Posted on Monday, August 30 @ 16:33:53 EDT

NEW YORK, Mon Aug 30, 2004 - Climbing fuel costs pose a challenge, but the head of FedEx Corp.'s ground unit does not expect the division to raise prices or implement a fuel surcharge before January.

"We evaluate our prices all year but generally have initiated rate increases in January and that is my plan right now," Daniel Sullivan, chief executive and president of FedEx Ground, told Reuters in an interview on Monday.

"On the ground side, we don't have an underlying fuel surcharge so I have to continue to improve my margins by improving our productivity and lowering our costs."

FedEx Ground, the second-largest U.S. ground carrier of small packages, is using technology to help plan routes to become more efficient and lower costs.

"Even as we have escalating unit costs in fuel, hopefully we are reducing the amount of miles we drive because of the efficiency of other places," Sullivan said. "We ask our driver teams to keep equipment well-maintained and efficient, and when they do that, they keep costs down. I think we are doing everything we possibly can to offset the impact of higher fuel."

Although higher fuel costs may weigh on margins, the ground unit's strength was one of the factors behind FedEx's higher fiscal first-quarter and full-year earnings forecast last week. Logistics and trucking companies have enjoyed robust volumes sparked by the economic recovery.

"I think overall our customers are cautiously optimistic," Sullivan said. "Retail was exceptionally strong for us through our last quarter ... I think that is continuing. We are also seeing good growth in manufacturing, in services and in the home sales sector."
Sullivan said he expects the holiday season to be "a boomer," adding: "There's no question about it from all the information we have from customers and the economic information we have available to us."

FedEx last week boosted its fiscal year capital spending forecast. The ground division has spent about $400 million of the nearly $2 billion it expects to spend on plans to double capacity by 2010 to handle the volumes expected during that period. The expansion plan, which began in fiscal 2004, focuses on FedEx Ground's hub operations.

The company's recent purchase of consolidator Parcel Direct, expected to close this year, makes a strategic match for FedEx Ground. Once integrated, the business, which targets Internet retailers and catalog companies, will contribute about 8 percent to 10 percent of FedEx Ground's revenues, Sullivan said.
Source: Reuters by Reshma Kapadia

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