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"Worked with FedEx for:" | Login/Create an Account | 3 comments
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Re: Worked with FedEx for: (Score: 1)
by nadine on Friday, June 10, 2011 @ 02:38:45 MDT
(User Info | Send a Message)

I feel the people who worked out of the Benson yard were treated very badly when freight and Ltl merged. We were displaced when they closed our yard. We bidded to go to Benson for what we were all told a perminate job. Well we worked there 10 mos when the yard was closed. Most of us were sent to Holbrook Az and placed below alot of drivers with lower company senority than us. It wasent our fault that feright closed our yard and most of us dident want to leave Benson Az. If that wasent bad enough, when we finally got to Holbrook not only did we loose our senority but were given the worst trucks they had. After all we are now low senority. Some are now working nights, runs with lower miles and just crummy runs and people wint less company senority have the prime runs and trucks. People with 20 years with the company take a back seat to people who have 2 years? Whats up with that???? for those that got stuck going east we now have to do the breaking and hooking sets. If fedex has turned Holbrook into a break bowel then it would be nice to have a blacktop section to do that task saftley!!! most break bowles like San Bernardino, El Paso, Dallas, Alberquerque,ect have black top and makes it easy to move the dolly. We have gravel. Your feet slip in the gravel and hard to move the dolly. I feel we are being punished for freight closeing our Benson yard and being treated unfair. Being that freight closed yards and terminals that people were settled in and liked working there, then I feel the fairest thing for all the drivers woul be to put people in senority by their badge numbers. Both sides can argue their points but do you really think that a worker whos been displaced should go to the bottom of the board and take a back seat to a worker with less company senority? Thats what senority is suspose to be all about, Time of company service!!! You work at the company and stay then you should be rewarded for your time put in. not kicked to the bottom. The people who have stayed with the company through it all have been loyal to the company, But has the company been loyal and fair to them? I think not! Its pitiful!!!!

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