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Internet Privacy Guide

Your privacy is important to us at FedExaminer. Please take a few minutes to educate yourself and take control of your online privacy. This guide is not intended as legal advice or to be all inclusive, it contains information to help you make informed decisions regarding privacy on this site and the world wide web.

Use a unique nickname. If you post to other places on the internet, you should consider using a unique nickname on each site so it is difficult to make a profile of your posting habits. Avoid using your real name as a nickname. Even if you do not see the benefit right now, you may be glad you did in the future. It is becoming more common for background and pre employment checks to include internet searches with the persons name or known nickname. A potential employer may not understand the dynamics of why you posted on a website. Internet records stay around a long time or may even be permanent. Contact us if you need to change your nickname on FedExaminer. Please be advised that a nickname change may not always work or remove records already indexed.

Use a separate email address. Use an email service like Yahoo or Hotmail. Do not provide your real name or use the same nickname. Using a separate email address makes it more difficult to build a profile about you. In the event of legal action, this can help isolate and limit exposure of messages obtained under court order.

Do not use the internet at work. Using company computers for anything personal can adversely effect your privacy or even cause loss of employment. Many employers, including FedEx, can monitor your online activities while on company computers. You employer can also gain your password and nickname if you login from a company computer.

Use secure passwords. Passwords using words found in a dictionary are not very secure. Using a made up word and including numbers will improve your password security. There are hacking programs that can quickly try known words and number combinations to gain access to your account. Change your password 2-3 times a year.

Consider using a public computer. Using public computers can help protect your identity when posting controversial messages. Avoid computers where you have to login or provide a credit card. Internet cafes that offer free service can be a valuable privacy tool if used correctly.

Always logout when finished. Never leave yourself logged in to a website after you leave. Someone else can use your account or view your personal information even if they do not use your computer! Network tools exist that can allow remote use of your account when left idle.

Clear cache and cookie data. Cache is a stored version of the web pages you have viewed in the browser memory. This helps to speed your online experience by using the page stored in memory but can also be abused. You should always clear the browser cache and cookies (see below) when using a public computer or one that is shared with anyone else. There are also programs that can help erase this information but beware of spyware when using privacy programs! FedExaminer encrypts your nickname cookie. You can view cookies we set in your browser by going to your preferences or by visiting this link when logged in.

Do not accept third party cookies. FedExaminer requires you to accept our cookies for login. We are in control of our cookies and what data we set. Third party cookies are ones that belong to a site other than the one you are using and may be set without your knowledge. Most browsers allow you to reject third party cookies in the preference settings. You should also consider deleting your cookies or unknown cookies on a regular basis. Some cookies are legitimate and necessary but others can be abused.

Review sites privacy policy. The FedExaminer privacy policy is contained in our terms. We do not release or sell any information unless you violate our terms or in the most extreme circumstance we are forced to do so by court order because of litigation over something you posted. If you slander or defame someone your privacy protection could be compramised. Please post responsibly!

Do not post personal information online. Posting your name, email address, home address or phone numbers can cause problems. Also be careful about posting too much detail about an incident that may identify you as the poster if you want to keep your identity private. Posting personal information can also help people engaged in identity theft.

Do not discuss confidential information. Talking about what you post at work or elsewhere can get you into trouble. You never know who you can trust and who may report you to management. Save discussions for your personal time and only reveal what you are comfortable with everyone knowing incase the information is revealed.

Make sure you use a secure url. When you submit personal information such as credit card numbers, make sure the data is encrypted in transit. A normal url begins with http: and an encrypted one uses https:. FedExaminer uses PayPal to collect any donation information on a secure (encrypted) connection. Your payment information such as credit card number is never revealed to us, only confirmation of your donation. We also take extra steps to protect private information such as your name when you donate.

Be aware of Phishing! Often times you will receive an email asking you to login somewhere after clicking a link. The link and site are designed to look like the real ones but in reality they belong to someone else who will collect your login or personal information when you provide it. You should disable html in your email and use trusted bookmarks to access a site instead of links found in email messages. FedExaminer will not send you html messages (only plain text) or attachments. Be aware and report any instances that are not consistent with our policy of no html messages or attachments.

Think about what you post! Slander, defamation or information that can harm another person can expose your private information in the event of a lawsuit. It is not a good idea to make accusations such as a person "is a thief", "is dishonest", etc.. Even if you do not use the persons name, it may cause litigation when you make such statements against another person or even a corporation. If you are stating your opinion, make sure it is clear and not represented as factual.

Keep your virus software up to date. Spy software and key logging software have become quite common and you need to make sure your computer is clean. Many of these programs are illegal but have been found in legitimate software and downloads from respected companies. Earthlink offers a FREE spyware audit of your system. BEWARE of popup messages or alerts when you surf the web saying you have spyware on your system, they are often used just to sell you a program that also may be infected with their own spyware. Use Symantec, Earthlink or another name you can trust.

Anonymous surfing or proxy services. These can be useful in some circumstances but can also lead to a false sense of security when your privacy is concerned. It is always best to take control of your own privacy instead of reliance on others. Be aware that these services will NOT protect your identity incase of a lawsuit or investigation into criminal activity. These services are mainly to protect you from profile building services that can track your web use and habits for marketing purposes. These services are best used as an enhancement to good privacy practices.

This website is not owned by FedEx Corporation or any of its employees.
FedEx and Kinko's are registered trademarks of FedEx Corporation. The use of registered trademarks within the domain or on this site is made for a legitimate noncommercial fair use, to wit, for the publication of information that reasonably qualifies as free speech in order to encourage public discussion, information and debate, and without intent for commercial gain, to misleadingly divert consumers or to tarnish the trademark or service mark at issue. Comments & submissions are property of the author. All other material © 2004-2009 by FedExaminer. Modified theme by Nukemods.

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