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The FedEx Box Furniture Story

JoseMy name is Jose. My friends Tom and Rob moved to Seattle. Tom, not having a job or a place to stay, eventually managed to get himself an apartment but still had no furniture. Utilizing FedEx boxes, he built a simple desk for his PC.

Several months later, I moved to Arizona for a new job, and had a similar problem, no furniture. Using FedEx boxes and packaging materials, I constructed a desk, bed, couch, dining table and chairs out of the boxes. I'm currently stuck with double rent (both my new and old apartments), and can not afford real furniture. After seeing pictures my friend Divide convinced me to build the www.FedExFurniture.com site.

FedEx Box Furniture is put together by empty FedEx Boxes, and held together by fedex packaging supplies. All of the furniture is 100% functional. The couch is standing/sleeping approved, I sleep on the bed every night, I eat at the dining table, and I work at the desk almost 20 hours a day.

July 2005 - The Stanford Center for Internet and Society says "FedEx improperly used the DMCA notice and take-down provisions to get the website at www.fedexfurniture.com taken offline. The company claimed trademark infringement and conversion, neither of which allow it to take advantage of the powerful remedy provided under the DMCA. Neither claim is valid, as the site only uses the word FedEx to describe the appearance of the boxes, and the company gives the boxes away for free without contractual limitations or restrictions. So our client has now put the site back up and continues to display his resourceful use of objects that companies give away for free."

November 2005 - http://www.fedexfurniture.com taken offline.

View a letter FedEx sent about the site
View the response from Stanford (SCIS)

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