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Welcome to FedExaminer.com

FedExaminer.com is an interactive community for FedEx employees, contractors and customers to network with forums, surveys, chat, news, personal journals and more...

· Get the inside story!
· Ask your questions!
· Stay informed & network!
· Share your experiences!

Registration is FREE to preview our site, see memberships link for more information about what is included in the preview. You do not need to give personal data such as your name however a working email address is required. We won't share your information or send you spam! Anyone interested in the Federal Express Corporation or Kinko's is welcome to visit and become a member. This website is not owned by FedEx or any of its employees.

Supportive or critical commentary is allowed however we ask that you respect the experience of others who post, even if you disagree with what they say.

The FedExaminer website was started 6/26/04

Some Forum Topics On FedExaminer

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FedEx Ground Options
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Package handlers (lack thereof)
FedEx ground Options
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FedEx Express overtime taken away
Got this from another board! He is sending it to Dateline.
Delivering on Monday
Insider Trading
1 station, 4 years, 9 managers
FedEx Future
Thanks IC's
Fred Smith Net Worth
Read and be aware.
30 Day written notice from management??
My next Big Idea
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Help for someone just started with FedEx
Congratulations 1200
Biogen stock collapse effect on 401k
Now, this is FUNNY!
Regional Manager Fired???
FDX Stock Price
Manuals needed
Attention all IC's IN TN, TX, MS, AR,KY important must read
Time off
FedEx litigation
Other options to FedEx Ground
Memphis refers to ground IC's as Employes's
Texas lawsuit
Questions for Fred Smith
FedEx Ground Options
Contract Driver Options
Possible Pealties
Does Incorporation Make a Difference in Classification
IRS 20 Point Checklist
June Enhancement
Courier tests
Just Wondering
FedEX Flight Benefits
Chat Topic: Becoming an MVC, Sat. April 9, 11 a.m. ET
Sick Calls
Multi-route contractors
VIP Program
Dallas Texas DHL Employees Vote Teamsters
Car parts help
Something to think about
Paterson terminal teamster vote
Illegal Content
Get involved
How to make your route worth more money!
More Texas DHL workers join the Teamsters
How many Complaints = Contract termination?
FedEx 401k
Chat with Travis Boardman
Answers to schultz questions.
More DHL Workers in Ohio Choose Teamsters
FedEx 2004 rank on the nations biggest companies
Setting The Record Straight
A present from Gandalf
What do they have that we don't have?
Are these the ONLY deductions an IC can use for taxes?
DG Specialist
Class Action FedEx Ground for Georgia and South Carolina
Pallet jacks & drivers who buy their own.
Over hiring?
Independent contract drivers at FedEx Ground
Required stops per hour?
FedEx Lawsuits
680 Members and going / 3 simple questions...
Wall Street Journal Story
Ground contractors sueing for employe staus
New Jersey Ground-Home Delivery Drivers
Important Court Ruling
FedEx Ground Lawsuit Meeting
Canadian Forum
Drop box close times
Walgreens rollout
Who gives Fedex Kinkos employees discounts?
Ground to Express
Canadian Auto Workers UNION
Fedex divisions P&L
Wall Street Journal Article
Let's make a date
Texas Contractors
Where can I get a truck?
New Jersey regional mgr
Driver Associations & Unions
Fedex Retaliation to Lawsuits
Court Finds FedEx Ground Drivers To Be Employees
SFA ..the fun never ends!
Some questions
Managers also missclassified
Sound familiar?
Control - More Fuel For The Fire
What other discounts do Express couriers get?
FedEx ground/HD options
Just got gired as a courier!
Fast Track Organizing at DHL
Let's make a date
Texas Contractors
Scanning compliance
Fred Smith
Purple Shirts
Final Four (Women)
Regular Chat Scheduled - Saturday morning
All of those 6:pm pickups!
FedExaminer Donations Box
Options For FedEx contract drivers
Fired From FedEx!
News Media Memphis
FedExaminer Rules and Guidelines
FedEx Group on Yahoo Has Closed
FedEx H/D
Your Station or Manager SFA Results?
Left field
How about this idea Mr. Smith
Package pressure!! Integrity Compromised?
Control issue
IC options
thinking of contracting
gft became a joke
Got this from the finance board!
Emphasis on Multi-Van Contractors
Great Words!
DHL Workers In Illinois Join Teamsters Local 26

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